Here at The Birthday Doll Company we have big celebrations and even bigger hearts. We also believe that life should be slow and simple. 

As parents it seems like we’re continually encouraged to long and prepare for the next phase of our child’s life instead of simply enjoying the here and now.  It’s our hope that our dolls will not only help you celebrate your child’s birthday and encourage imaginative play, but they'll also encourage an appreciation of all of life's little moments.  Through annual birthday patches and intentional fraying, the Birthday Doll both celebrates and mirrors the fleeting nature of childhood, fostering family tradition and encouraging a cherishing of all growth phases.

With over a decade of experience in the public health field, Lauren Cockerham-Colas founded The Birthday Doll Company in 2016 as a creative way to promote health.  Through her extensive work with marginalized populations, Lauren learned that it’s the small things -- a bit of education, a listening ear, or even a word of encouragement that can have a huge impact on the life of someone else.  This is actually the philosophy behind The Birthday Doll Company:  that through something so small -- a doll that intentionally changes over time, lives can be enhanced.  Parent and child adding the annual birthday patch together will create a comforting tradition and collection of fond memories that can be cherished for a lifetime.  The fraying portion of the doll will serve as a visual reminder of the fleeting nature of childhood, encouraging parents to be more patient and gracious with their children (and with themselves!) during difficult times.

Our dolls are small and simple, yet they have the potential to impact lives in a big way.  This potential inspires us.  Now, let’s celebrate!